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The newly designed Boat Floater Free Float lift features Boat Floater designed polyethylene tanks carrying a limited lifetime warranty. This boat lift model has the capability to accommodate wider boats in a narrower stall or slip.

The galvanized steel components of the boat lift are above the water guarding against rust and marine growth. Heavy duty polyethylene bushings assure quiet operation. There is no “boat lift squeak” and no side to side movement. Boat Floater has also designed the polyethylene dock bracket and L arm covers for this lift which protects your boat from the hardware.

Easy boat positioning and controls make this Boat Floater lift easy to operate for anyone in the family. The boat lift is easy to upgrade for more capacity or to transition to a different boat such as a pontoon or tritoon. This is an important feature because we frequently see Boat Floater lifts 30+ years old.


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