With so many new pontoons on the market, and so many new pontoon owners, it’s no wonder that dock and boat lift manufacturing companies, like ShoreMaster, a premium aluminum boat lift and dock brand based out of Fergus Falls, Minnesota have introduced a new line of pontoon boat lifts designed to accommodate today’s wider, longer, and heavier pontoons. ShoreMaster has marketed boat lifts suitable for pontoons for decades, including the long and narrow cantilever style of pontoon lifts prevalent in the 1980’s and 1990’s. However, until very recently, the primary differentiation between a boat lift and a pontoon lift throughout the waterfront equipment industry would be when the dealer would add the appropriate pontoon accessories to a standard vertical or cantilever style boat lift to make it suitable for pontoons. This is still acceptable today, but smart manufacturers, like ShoreMaster, recognized that today’s pontoons and today’s pontoon owners would require something more specific to really represent today’s pontoon market. ShoreMaster President, Don Hurley comments “We’ve been manufacturing boat lifts for pontoons for decades, so we have a lot of experience with the challenges and the opportunities that they present. We are always looking at updates to the design of today’s watercraft, and pontoons have definitely been on our radar for a while. We saw an opportunity to take our experience with boat lifts and pontoon accessories and develop a vertical style pontoon lift that solves the challenges of accommodating today's more advanced pontoons and tritoons.”