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Southeastern Dock Supply is a 3rd generation, family-owned business based out of beautiful Lake Lanier, Georgia! The company began as a leading dock supplier when Ed Mahnke founded the company in the early 1980’s. Ed had opened the county’s first mini storage and saw the need in his customers to distribute dock materials to the lake’s residents. Ed retired and handed his business over to his daughter, Liz, who grew the company and became Shoremaster’s top distributor in the Southeast. In 2018, Liz followed in her father’s footsteps, passing the business along to her daughter, Colleen, and son, Patrick.

Patrick and Colleen grew up in Young Deer, on the south end of Lake Lanier, working in the family business since a young age. In 2018, Patrick graduated with a business degree from Ole Miss motivated to getting into the family dock business and partnered with his sister Colleen, who had recently decided to leave the corporate life of Atlanta after attending the University of Hawai’i. Southeastern Dock Supply had been mainly focused on distributing dock products to residents and dock builders but decided to help our customers even further by remodeling, repairing, and building docks. So, in 2019, Southeastern merged with Shoreline Floating Docks and Anthony Chastain. Anthony brings to Southeastern 25+ years of dock expertise and knowledge and a reputation of quality, integrity, and passion that has carried over into our craftsmanship today.

Today we continue the tradition of dock supply distribution to dock builders and lake residents all over the southeast. We purchase our supplies in bulk quantity, so we are able to pass our discounts along to our customers. We even offer further wholesale pricing to local dock builders to make sure our lakes are covered with the highest quality products available on the market. From winches to jet ski ports, to decking and boat lifts, we’ve got your dock covered!

Do you need a dock upgrade or remodel? Have you experienced recent storm damage?  How about a bi-weekly dock watch service that moves your dock in and out as water levels fluctuate? We are here to help with all of that! We have a friendly, dedicated team of professional dock builders and installers ready to assist with all your projects on the water. There is no job too big or too small and our in-house fabrication is always available to guide you with any ideas you may have.

Southeastern is comprised of a brother and sister, an uncle and a nephew, cousins, and even a husband and wife —We can truly call ourselves a family business. Our goal is to always reach the highest possible customer satisfaction and welcome those customers into our lake family. As a family that grew up on the lake, we understand the needs of our customers and want to provide the most positive experience possible! We know that the times spent on the water are you and your family’s most memorable, so purchasing products with your family’s safety in mind is our top priority. We hope you enjoy all of our products and that you will continue to support our local, family owned business!

- From our lake family to yours—Welcome!



Not just a mantra for the 21st century; it’s the current political climate. Now more than ever, Americans are looking to create jobs for hard-working people who are dedicated to making products that are carved from American made materials and fabricated by legal Americans right here in the U.S.A.

Since 1974, Boat Floater Industries, LLC has proudly designed, engineered, manufactured, and assembled quality boat lifts that have been sold and installed on lakes and rivers across the United States. We take great pride in creating the ultimate boat lift that creates jobs in America for Americans. Furthermore, boat lifts that endure decades of use and provide protection and security for boats owned and operated by people just like you!

You’ll discover working with Boat Floater Industries, LLC is a positive experience. Whether you’re the end user (boat owner) or the dealer or distributor that sold the lift, your experience will be flawless from beginning to end. We want nothing but the very best for our dealers and end users. It all starts with a manufacturing process that includes individual components that are manufactured right here in the U.S., of the highest quality material and craftsmanship. Once the individual parts have been manufactured to our highest specifications, our team of highly-qualified specialists assembles each and every part with care, right here in the U.S. Nothing passes Go or collects $200. It simply has to meet our standards or it doesn’t ship. We strive to have a life-long relationship with everyone we do business with.



Nautical technology advances have never been more present than in the watercraft of today. This is immediately evident when you climb aboard a Tritoon for the first time – leaving little doubt that your grandfather’s pontoon is a vast world away from the millennial upgrades of modern times. But pontoons have certainly not faded into the abyss. While pontoons steadfastly maintain their niche in the boating world, they have spawned some intense engineering design transformations that can only be described as a marvel of supercharged fun called a ‘Tritoon.’ So, what are the differences between a Pontoon and a Tritoon?

The average pontoon is constructed with a dual tubular design meant for leisure cruising at low-to-moderate speeds, with optimum floor space on a single flat deck in calm waters. The steering ratio is wider and engine capacity only allows for small outboard motors – which means it is not the ideal choice for towing, skiing or tubing. Additionally, pontoons sit lower in the water, factoring in buoyancy and weight distribution; this limits the passenger capacity aboard the craft. While pontoons are perfect for pleasure cruising with a handful of guests, it can become a turbulent wet ride in rough waters or challenging wakes from other nearby boats. Overall, pontoons are designed for the low energy ‘taking it easy’ lifestyle. Models can host activities such as cruising and swimming, grilling and fishing, and small parties.

Tritoons are larger and heavier, typically requiring a larger trailer with additional tube support and larger slips for docking and storage. Unlike the Pontoon, it is engineered with a beneficial three tube design built to satisfy the fun, action loving boaters without compromising structural stability and comfort. High energy thrill seekers will be pleased to know the tritoon is equipped to receive larger horsepower engines, translating to less resistance, faster acceleration, and top speeds. These features make the tritoon excellent for towing tubers and skiers. One of the many benefits of a third tube is the improved weight distribution and buoyancy – leaving it to sit higher in the water with a larger deck and passenger capacity. The Tritoons’ structure cuts through rough waters and impending wakes smoothly without the cringing tweaks and torques common to its predecessor. Smaller turning ratios and tighter cornering with power-assisted hydraulic steering have made maneuverability a breeze.

Contributing price factors will vary depending upon your intended purpose and desired comfort, accessories and style. The possibilities are pleasantly endless. Whether you are contemplating a recreational pontoon or the high performance thrill-seeking tritoon – each will bring your family and friends years of fun and adventure.


If you’ve recently purchased a powerboat over 15 feet in length, there is a strong possibility that you’ve purchased a pontoon. Consider pontoon growth relative to the overall market for power boats 15 feet and above. According to an article in Trade Only Today titled, The Newly Cool Pontoon Boat , you can see that in 2012, a total of 134,169 powerboats in the 15 feet and above size range were sold. Pontoons made up about 25% of the total market in that size range in 2012 with 33,615 pontoons sold. The total number of pontoons sold in 2012 didn’t quite reach its 2005 peak of 43,642 pontoons sold, but consider that in 2005, the total market for power boats 15 feet and above was 285,502 in all. So, in 2005, or just 9 years ago, pontoons represented only 15% of the overall market for power boats over 15 feet in length compared to 25% in 2012.


With so many new pontoons on the market, and so many new pontoon owners, it’s no wonder that dock and boat lift manufacturing companies, like ShoreMaster, a premium aluminum boat lift and dock brand based out of Fergus Falls, Minnesota have introduced a new line of pontoon boat lifts designed to accommodate today’s wider, longer, and heavier pontoons.

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